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Suzann Lizabeth Bedrosian

First in immigrant hearing family to get Master's degree and post-grad education.

Here are some samples of Suze's shamanic art work. They reflect a
person's animal helper at certain times in one's recovery or healing process:

Art by Suzann Art by Suzann Art by Suzann

About Suz (pronounced Suz-e), she finds herself living life as if there's never a dull moment. Here's a snapshot view of her life:

Professional: Over twenty years experience in various disciplines as psychotherapist, counselor, human rights and empowerment advocate, consumer health educator and program coordinator, couples counseling including development of relationship commitments and rituals for celebrations and/or change, career advising and resource provider or guide, professional writer or editor.

A unique teacher/instructor on the ancient ways of living and dying, including creative meditation and visualization. I also do Tarot cards and dream interpretations plus assist others in working with the subconscious towards healing and spiritual awareness. I am a personal change coach.

As an ASL lover, I have a new thing called 'ASL mudras'. This is about your hand energy communication. In other words, its your hand genre or 'signature'. It can change as you or your life pattern changes!

Public speaking, workshop and training requests welcomed. Currently accepting private clients, couples and/or groups.

A unique gift for getting in touch with yourself
and to improve your condition!
For the better or worse!
Sometimes you've no choice
But to go with the flow and
Embrace all there is!

That's personality vs. spirit

Specialty: Child protection, sex abuse and trauma recovery, addictions, cross-cultural relations (Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing and diverse multi-cultural backgrounds), domestic violence prevention, energy healing and subconscious work.

Somewhere in the happy middle, you'll find safety is the key!

Personal: A Deaf Mom, geomantic gardener, people and bird watcher, avid cycler and nature trail hiker. I am an intuitive cook and experiment with delicious and nutritious recipes for internal healing and personal health or fitness. One favorite of mine is creative writing and reading. I rollerblade for fun.

When the muses circulate within me, I create and create as a multimedia artist! I am currently accepting commissions for spiritual and/or shamanic art work

Hobbies: Rock, shell and gem collections, including bric-brac items for sand tray, play, altars or shrines. A late bloomer into basketball, baseball and swimming. My personal routine includes a daily brisk walk or jog along with other complementary exercises. I am deafinitely into yoga!

Come and play! Live well and laugh a while!

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